Dslrbuzz Sony α7R II Giveaway! Change to get new Sony α7R II DSLR Camera from DRSLRBUZZ.

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Giveaway ends on May 31 2016. More tickets you have more changes to WIN.
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  • Cheryl Keller

    Love photography .. that will be great if I #win this giveaway 🙂

  • It’d be a nice upgrade from my NEX-3 and a good move towards full-frame photo/video.

    I love photographing nature, architecture, and people in movement. #dslrbuzz #giveaway

  • Anže Košir

    People, gotta love the stories behind their expressions 🙂

  • rajee

    Is it open to US or worldwide?

  • Khaing Nyein

    Photography is my passion and I love children. I am one of the Ngo workers in developing country (Myanmar). If I win this #dslrbuzz #giveaway, it will be a valuable chance to spread our countries’ culture, tradition, history to the world.

  • Amy

    If I had to choose, I love to photograph nature. There are so many beautiful and amazing things in nature that need no staging, make up, special lighting…etc If I could I would travel the entire world over and over again photographing my journey.

  • Janet Gillich

    I like to photograph my kids

  • Kvks Kumar

    I’d like to photograph nature.

  • Pacodark

    I like to photograph food, especially I share with friends.

  • Lesh

    Besides my own child. I love to photograph nature and structures.

  • annalisak

    I like to photograph nature and people

  • Cora Bennett

    I like to photography my family the most of course, but also enjoy photographing scenery (sunsets, autumn trees, etc.).

  • Brooke Langhans

    My children. I love to get pictures that are natural and not posed. They are the best

  • Daud Hoot

    I like to photograph wildlife and nature

  • lauriedamrose

    I like taking pictures of whatever captures my eye.I took a great picture of geese swimming in a lake the other day!

  • Badelhas

    I love to photograph my daughter

  • Wasiq Shahab

    I love taking Pictures of animals mostly. #DSLRBUZZ #GIVEAWAY

  • Dominic Cloutier


  • Jannes vd Veen

    I like to make foto s of my family

  • Maksym Seleznov

    I love to shoot portraits. Sometimes cities that I visit.

  • Hello, i like to photograph my city, myself and some friends so i can use photoshop.

  • dhanzhe

    People. I love street photography.

  • Everything! I like to do pets, self portraits and buildings a lot. I’d love to photograph more people, but I’m shy that’s why I use my self.

  • sonnetdog

    I like to photograph anything in nature but particularly trees

  • Vitaly

    I like to photograph everything! Nature, animals, mountain.

  • Jonathan Pang

    I like to photograph memories that capture moments in my life.

  • Scott Macmillan

    Anything in nature but particularly the various moods of the skies.

  • Karen Infante

    I like photography so much

  • selbys

    I love to photograph flowers and birds. We have lots in our garden, so some days i don’t have to go far.

  • Nate

    I photograph nature/scenery mainly.

  • Edmond Leung

    WOW, rockstar. I photograph mostly nature like flowers. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the Sony to work and eat. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. 🙂

  • Marco Moura

    I like to photograph specially social events, daily events, concerts, photography is my passion

  • Reyan Kinng

    Photography is my Hobby

  • Julia Hegedus

    Mostly nature..

  • Debra Miller

    I love to photograph animals in the wild,

  • Nature, people, events. I also love to make music videos.

  • Karina

    Because I like beautiful things – people, nature, this way I can keep memory if every beautiful thing 🙂

  • Joseph D. Pérez Matos

    What I like about photography is that you will always carry with you those beautiful memories that you spent away from home , traveling with your family and so nice pass remembering those beautiful moments .

  • Jeffery Ford

    I like to photograph my family and our adventures.

  • eqalizr@comcast.net


  • samdono

    I like to photograph unposed, unscripted moments.

  • Johann Strubinger

    Nature! The World is just beautiful. #Dslrbuzz #Giveaway

  • sandinabottle


  • Krueger_Nancy

    Animals, including pets and wild things!

  • Angelo ZioAge

    I love photography,it’s my favourtite passion because i can put myself and my emotion into a photograph
    With this sony I can upgrade my gear #Dslrbuzz

  • Cynthia Guthrie

    I love to take photos of nature, especially clouds

  • Matthew H.

    I enjoy Sunrises.

  • Barbara Miller

    family, pets , events, nature, celebrations

  • Bonnie Owen Day

    I love to take photos of all my grandkids activities Wheather it is football cheering or track I love to take their pictures

  • Donald Johnson

    My friends wives, very interesting what you can find out. And how friendly they really are when the clothes come off. Its almost like they think just because their nude, there will be sex. I’ve lost a lot of friends like that.

  • Family, nature, pets, food

  • Carol Spierdowis Dupre

    I like to photograph nature, and family.

  • Kenda


  • L.Bowers

    I’ve always wanted to have a great camera to snap shots of my kids &grandkids when I go to visit they’re growing up fast, and I’m missing it all

  • Peter Mahoney

    #dslrbuzz #giveaway Outdoors is my favorite place to find great photos. From mountains and sky to flowers and insects (maybe the occasional person in there somewhere), it is a never ending wonder.

  • Martha DeMeo

    I love photographing the beautiful sites of nature and my grand children. I’d love a great camera to capture th use special moment of my grands.

  • Mario G

    What I love about photography is that you can capture the moments, feelings and memories of which when you’re old you’ll reminisce all those things and the photographs being the witness to those awesome memories #dslrbuzz

  • Jasmijn Kuijper

    What I love about photography….everything. You can express yourself with it and you can share your experiences and awesome things you come across. I love all kinds of photography, it puts my memories and impression on screen so I can share them with people when I talk about that one beautiful thing and than I can show them what I meant. Everthing has its beauty. Recent my old camera broke and I have been saving up to buy a new one, so winning this one would be awesome 🙂 .

  • Krista Miller

    The mountains, forests, & my children.

  • Linda Poplees

    I love to photograph sunsets and sunrises, always different and so beautiful.

  • Sascha Hirschner

    As a photographer, I don’t feel to be a dedicated artist. I can see the art that is surrounding us, that is inside of us. I can see the little special thing, its beauty in everything and everybody. I am catching emotions and bring them into pictures – this is my expression of art.

  • David Schmidt

    Because I love being able to tell a story without words.

  • Brooks Whitford

    Love to photograph nature. Sunrise, sunset, all of nature.

  • Christophe Blaszkowski

    I love photographing people happy! #Dslrbuzz #Giveaway

  • Ingimundur Stefánsson

    Love to photograph fellow travelers, mountaineus regions and capture life!

  • alan

    its a pen to draw on to the thing called “reality” sometimes few imagination

  • Matt Miller

    I love to photograph people, there are 7 billion in this world and each one has their own unique story, and the right photograph can give you their life story.

  • Jill Ballard

    I love photographing anything that catches my eye, but especially nature and wildlife.

  • Megan Cooper

    I love to photograph moments in my life I don’t want to forget. Nature, wildlife, my pets, my friends and family, everything that matters most to me.

  • Betsy

    I don’t think I have a favorite thing to Photograph. There are so many wonders in this world, and being able to capture any of them brings me pure joy!

  • Surinder Gurm

    Flowers are my favourite subject

  • Courtney Haas

    I love to photograph insects, landscapes, flowers and family.

  • Rae D’s Contests


  • Bo Davidsson

    I really like to photograph coastal landscapes, I’m always touched by the rocks, endless forms and the ever changing sea!

    • Leesa Johnson

      That’s lovely.

      • Bo Davidsson


  • Leesa Johnson

    I will photograph anything that piques my interest or anything I’m paid to shoot. Preferably on a tropical island. 🙂

  • MichaelPerkins

    Why is it disabled now?

  • Chris Jefferson

    Why is the promotion disabled?

  • Josh Harmon

    I love to photograph indie artists and bands at venues. It’s so much fun! Couldn’t imagine the image quality with this beast! Fingers definitely crossed…I would love to win this. 🙂

  • David Römisch

    i would love to photograph landscape and people!

  • MichaelPerkins

    WHY is the giveaway DISABLED?

  • Chris Jefferson

    Street Photography and Landscapes are my favorite things to photograph

  • I love to photograph images in a studio environment allowing my creative mind to take full control of the image I am creating. I m also passionate about capturing the special moments in my family life so that they may be treasured forever.