Sony SF-G Series World's Fastest

At the introduction of the SF-G series UHS-II SD memory card, Sony launched the fastest SD card in the world. This card is blazingly fast. Its write speed is 299 MB/s, and read speeds reaches 300 MB/s.

Speeds like that are good for shooting high-resolution images continuously. It is suitable for mirrorless or DSLR cameras which support the UHS-II. The card is also compatible with other UHS-I gadgets. Enjoy supersonic transfer of huge files including 4K HD video. This is partly because of the newly developed Sony algorithm. The company ensures that their new innovative product does not have loss in speed during data writing. Even after repeated burst shooting. Thus, it helps in the camera’s speed of rapid shooting.

The SF-G series cards will come with a storage capacity of 128 GB, 64 GB and 32 GB.

Sony also launched the MRW-S1 card reader. It’s designed to transfer the huge files from the SF-G series cards to a laptop or desktop. This card reader is the World’s fastest according to Sony. It has a SuperSpeed USB using USB3.1 Gen.1 standard A. port. You can now enjoy cable-free connection. Files can be moved more quickly than when you use the computer’s SD slot.

Prices have not yet been determined but the SD card is expected in March of 2017. And the card reader is expected to be availed in April 2017.