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Sony to Release 2 New Products this April: 100-400mm Lens and FF Mirrorless Camera

Sony to Announce 100-400mm G Lens and a New FF Mirrorless Camera

Latest Sony rumors indicate that the company is planning to unveil two new products next month. The new 100-400mm G lens is expected on the market next month. That’s not all. The new lens is going to be announced with a new camera in April.

It will be Sony’s flagship camera in 2017. Around March 17, 2017, there were rumors about Sony registering a new camera. Sony registered a full-frame camera on Chinese MIIT agency. This camera got registered on February 15, 2017, for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification.

Sources in Japan have hinted that Sony is making the announcement when the two months registration period ends this April.  In that same time, Sony is expected to unveil its new mirrorless camera. It is going to be announced together with 100-400 mm G lens.

Sony mirrorless cameras are well known for being affordable. However, their lenses are not that good. The cost of the lens is equivalent to high-end lenses of other DSLR lens manufacturers. Let’s hope Sony realizes this and keeps the price tag of the new 100-400mm lens reasonable. It would help make this new Sony lens become appealing to pro-A7 series users.

The latest 100-400 lens from Canon goes for about $2k. So, for Sony to compete favorably with Canon and Nikon, the new lens has to be priced under $2k.


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