Sony teases camera launch on Monday – here’s how to watch it live! – Sony Alpha New Concept Is Coming

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Sony is teasing the launch of a new camera on 15 September – which is less than a week away, on Monday. The big reveal will take place virtually, via ab event being live-streamed online, and you can watch the announcement as it happens.

With the Sony A7S III – already set to be one of the best Sony cameras – having only just been revealed, there are plenty of question marks over exactly what the manufacture will be showing off this time. What we know for sure, however, is that it will be an Alpha camera – and Sony’s taglines all position it as presenting a fresh concept in imaging.

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“Get Ready For A New Concept Alpha” reads the teaser text on the official Sony Alpha Univers website, which points towards a YouTube live stream that commences on 15 September at 18:00 PDT / 02:00 BST / 11:00 AEST.

“New idea Alpha is coming on Sep 15th 2020,” says the YouTube stream, which obviously isn’t broadcasting yet – but that hasn’t stopped users in the comments section speculating as to what the new camera, or even the brand new concept, could be.

“I hope it’s the A7iv redesigned…” wrote the optimistic user kaishotz, clearly hoping for a successor to the amazing however ageing Sony A7 III.

“Will the dream come true?? Medium-format mirrorless digital camera in near future??” asked Pritam Pramanick, alluding to Sony’s curved medium format sensor and the prospect of the manufacturer joining the battle for best moderate format camera.

Obviously some ideas are a bit too pie in the sky, whether it’s Kai Yin Yeung commenting that he “Hope to have the new A9” (the Sony A9 II literally only came out last year!) or the dslr’ist asking for a “‘Sony a7L’ (Left Handed camera)”.

Others, though, were much more grounded in their wish lists. “Firmware update with a new menu system for all cameras,” pleases Jonathan Loaiza. “Please… don’t take away that dream!”

Whatever Sony’s new concept actually is, we only have a few short days to wait. Stay tuned here for the announcement and all the details!

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