Sony revealed the release of a new camera app on the market. It is called the Digital Filter. The new app is to give photographers a better way of merging photos. The app enables combining two or three different images into one picture. It improves the flexibility of other apps currently on the market including Sky HDR.

Functions for Sony Digital Filter and Sky HDR are quite similar. The biggest difference to notice is that the new Sony Digital Filter supports merging sections of a maximum of three different photos. Meanwhile, Sky HDR can only support for two exposures.

According to Sony, ‘The Digital Filter application offers functionality, ease of use and image quality that go beyond the features of Sky HDR’.

Camera models which are supported by Digital Filter app include;

  • Alpha a7
  • Alpha a7 II
  • Alpha a7R
  • Alpha a7R II
  • Alpha a7s
  • Alpha a7s II
  • Alpha a6000
  • Alpha a6300
  • Alpha a6500
  • RX100 III
  • RX100 IV
  • RX100 V
  • RX10 II
  • RX10 III
  • RX1R II

One significant advantage of Sky HDR is that it can support some camera models not supported by Digital Filter. Sky HDR works seamlessly with a5100 and some three NEX models.