The Canon EOS R5’s Sensor Scores Canon’s best sensor score at DxO

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DxO has completed their overview of the Canon EOS R5 and contains scored the brand new 45mp sensor 95, that is the highest rating ever for the Canon picture sensor. I don’t believe this will surprise anyone who has utilized the Canon EOS R5, because the image quality will be stellar from the digital camera.

The sensors which are scoring greater than what Canon has placed into its new mirrorless cameras are BSI image sensors, that exist in the Nikon Z 7, and Z 7 II combined with the Sony A7R III and A7R IV. Nevertheless, DxO has discovered that Canon offers shut the gap substantially.

Here’s What DxO Stated: 

” As for sensor performance, the EOS R5 sensor represents a high watermark for Canon. The maximum dynamic range is competitive with the best in class, and the R5 sensor offers a useful advantage at some crucial ISO settings over its rivals. It also has excellent colour and low noise at high ISOs, which all go toward making the Canon EOS R5 one of the most well-rounded performers in this important category. It may have taken a while to get here, but the Canon EOS R5 looks set to be the one to beat. “

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