Most of the latest camera models these days offer various forms of wireless connectivity. They give full-on Wi-Fi, low energy Bluetooth or NFC. Some, offer off all of them. Each wireless protocol has its benefits and problems. There are those which are clunky to set up while some have slow rates of transfer.

Ever taken the time to think about what options you would have if your camera has no inbuilt connectivity? Well, there are a variety of ‘add-on’ connectivity options. There are Eye-Fi or FlashAir cards. Toshiba just widened your options by introducing the TansferJet protocol.  

Premiering in Toshiba’s stall at CP+, the TransferJet SD Cards stole a lot of hearts. They function like NFC-based SD cards. The TransferJet is a close-proximity wireless transfer system. However, it comes with an additional feature which makes it a better choice. The TransferJet offers a sheer transfer rate. Transfer media at blazing speeds of up to 560Mbps. It is way ahead of regular NFC cards.

The TransferJet SD card lets you beam multiple full resolution images and high definition videos to another device within a blink of an eye. Toshiba paired it with a small USB adapter. Plug this into your computer and transfer your media. There are available adapters for smart devices as well. Bring you two devices together, and a connection is initiated. The TransferJet application opens, and media is moved swiftly from the camera to the other device.

It is currently available in 16 GB class 1 SD cards and with various adapters. You can pick one with any adapter of your choice. For more information about Toshiba TransferJet, please click here.