Veydra's California headquarters robbed of 200+ lenses over weekend

The California headquarters of famous Cinema lens maker Veydra got attacked by burglars. These made off with more than 200 lenses. According to a post on the company Facebook page, the burglary took place on Sunday. An inventory of Veydra Mini Prime lenses totaling more than 200 was lost.

Company employees were welcomed by bare shelves and scattered recycling material. The company now faces of filling customer orders. It will take time for Veydra to recover from the massive loss of their inventory at their California headquarters.

The company has resorted to informing its customers that it has a challenge of filling their orders in time. They have to bear with it in this difficult time. A public appeal was made to the public to help recover the stolen lenses.

Veydra is offering an unspecified reward for any information which may help lead to the recovery of the stolen lenses. According to information from company executives, ‘the many lenses should be noticeable.’ The company warns anyone from going for ‘any crazy deals on Veydra’. It will definitely be part of the stolen inventory. Any person found to be in possession of any lens which has part of the stolen stock will be liable to prosecutions.